Revolutionizing Interior Design with Technology-Driven Solutions.

DesignMyHome is the premier, comprehensive business technology tool created for Builders, Homebuyers, and Designers.

With a range of innovative visual and non-visual software capabilities, including a state-of-the-art  3D Immersive Virtual Design Studio, DesignMyHome  streamlines the product selection, pricing, and ordering process.

DesignMyHome is the only software that allows users to:

  • Visualize customized materials, fixtures, and finishes for each room.
  • Configure items for layout and fittings across an exact floorplan.
  • Price all options and upgrades in real-time.
  • Generate an accurate One-Click Complete Quote.

Transform the interior design process, enhance the homebuying experience, and grow your business.


Maximize Upgrades and
Increase Builder Revenue

Homebuyers spend more on upgrades when using our innovative technology to visualize the space.

  • Maximize homebuyer upgrades
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve operational efficiency


Homebuyer Confidence

Homebuyers are more likely to move forward after viewing our inspiring 3D virtual tours and interactive floor maps.

  • Create unique designs for each room
  • Visualize each design with 3D renderings
  • One-click quotes and hassle free ordering


Optimize the
Design Process

Homebuyers spend  more  time in the virtual design process—saving designers time and accelerating the decision-making process.

  • Offer customers an extensive product catalog
  • Allow homebuyers to save options
  • Reduce appointment time by up to 75%

Scale Builder Business

Maximize Upgrades and Increase Revenue
A comprehensive catalog, interactive diagrams, high-resolution 3D renderings, and real-time transparent pricing maximizes homebuyer upgrade conversions and increases sales revenue.

Advance Operational Efficiency
Builders can track and manage homebuyers’ expectations to view homebuyers’ saved designs, select and lock categories based on cut-off dates, track initialization stages for each room, and schedule appointmentsall from a single dashboard within the platform.

Improve Quality and Timelines
By streamlining supply chain management and integrating sustainability pricing, builders can improve construction quality and cycle timelines.

Enhance the Homebuying Experience

Intuitive Navigation
Homebuyers can create and save unique designs for each room in real time with stunning 3D renderings.

Unlimited Possibilities
A vast catalog with custom finishes of wall tiles, countertops, cabinets, flooring, paint, hardware, appliances, bathroom and electrical fixtures, and more to create a truly one-of-a-kind dream home.

Just One Click
Homebuyers can use the interactive floor map to visualize, configure, price, and quote interiors for hassle-free pricing and order placement.

Transform the Design Process

Extensive Product Catalog
Designers can better serve their customers by offering an extensive catalog of products.

Ease of Use
Allow homebuyers to review and save options prior to meeting, meaning a quicker decision process and less work for designers.

Save Time
Reduce valuable design appointment time by up to 75% through streamlining the homebuyer engagement process.

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